Wastewater Treatment Plants

Capital Fabrication currently builds for the following WWTP engineering companies (OEM’s):

  • Ovivo – international market presence
  • G-H Systems – regional market presence
  • PB Equipment – regional market presence

Through years of fabricating steel weldments, water clarifier aeration systems test the optimum fabricating skills in the industrial marketplace. All flanged weld assemblies are pressure tested before shipment. Stainless steel systems are passivated upon completion and carbon steel systems are hot dipped galvanized.

Our fabrication work for the wastewater treatment plants Industry focuses on clarifiers which entails the cutting of component parts, forming those cut parts into shapes, then welding parts into components. There may be as many as 200 fabricated components totaling 25 to 50 tons of steel on a single project. Components are constructed of carbon steel, aluminum, or stainless steel and include metal plate shapes either bent or rolled, including angle iron, channels, schedule pipe up to 30” diameter, solid bars, steel pipe, tubing, and “I” beams. The OEM’s provide engineered drawings, CapFab then generates CAD shop drawings for approval and manufacturing purposes. These part drawings are then converted into a digital machine language necessary to cut flat parts from the plasma table or waterjet. Upon completion, the fabricated components are shipped across the US for assembly.


Pneumatic Conveying Systems of Dry Bulk Solids

Capital Fabrication design engineers and custom manufactures turnkey material handling systems for conveying various dry bulk solids from the source point to the separator.  CapFab has a long history in the paper die cut industry capturing trim waste at its source and air conveying it to a cyclone or air separator located over a baler for recycling bin.  Project management can be offered beginning with defining the project scope, feasibilities, system design concepts, plant integration, costing, manufacturing options, and installation planning.

Our Experience:

  • The design air volume and velocity for a given dilute phase system is determined through engineering equations based upon the mass properties of the dry solids being conveyed. 
  • CapFab does not provide the engineering on these systems but only a subcontractor to the general contractor.
  • Projects can be turnkey where CapFab does the full service of engineering, manufacturing, and installation and purchase items such as blowers and filters, etc. 
  • CapFab also manufactures low pressure centrifugal cyclones both for materials separation and high-pressure dust abatement. 
  • SIC code 3535
  • CapFab builds for the only two companies in the US that specialize in the air conveying of rubbish and soiled linen in large hospital complexes.  These systems convey the rubbish and soiled linens from the hospital patient rooms through large piping that carries the rubbish to the compactors and the soiled linen to the massive laundry rooms housed within the campus complexes.   
  1. TransVac Automated Pneumatic Waste Collection Systems (  located in Denver, CO. USA
  2. located in Greensboro, NC USA (I built the components shown.  Note the conveying pipe as well as the blue collector).
  • CapFab has over 40 years of experience in this industry.  Dust control terminal equipment may be included on many projects.

Surf Machines

CapFab is the primary structural steel manufacturer for a major OEM surfing machine company.  We have built many surfing machines located across the United States and the Caribbean.  The wave machine entails 20 tons of stainless steel and hundreds of parts requiring sophisticated CAD layout, project management, and precise fabrication skills. 

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