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Capital Fabrication, LLC is an Austin, Texas area custom metal fabrication manufacturer with 40 years of experience serving Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s).  Our OEM’s execute the sales, design and professional engineering of their product lines for their clients and rely on Capital Fabrication to produce their parts/equipment/systems as a sub-contractor. We work closely with your engineering department to achieve the product quality and performance industry expects.  The long-term business relationships we have developed over the years speak for our dedication and capabilities to meet the high standards in the many industries we represent. 

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40 years of experience in steel fabrication qualifies Capital Fabrication to build large weld components consisting of structural beams, tube steel, schedule pipe, angle and plate steel.  Our skilled personnel and fully equipped factory facilitate the production of design and construction specifications. 

At Capital Fabrication we strive to play an important role in shaping the success of our clients through the shared goals of product integrity and timely deliveries. We invest in research and training our team to improve our products, methods and services, and to establish long-term partnerships with our clients. Read More…

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